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My Ultimate man cave is about being dedicated in giving you a one stop shop for all your man cave needs. In my articles I want to provide you with the most innovated information to assist in creating your own man cave. I’m consistently adding articles about the best information and products on man cave ideas, home theater, movies, bar, game room, and diy projects.

My Story

My name is Todd and I’m married with three girls. When I first got married we bought a house. It was a normal size cape style house. The basement was a clean slate, We used it for storage. Then we moved an old couch and tv down there and we would go down there when we threw a party.

That’s when it hit me. Why don’t I build a space where we can entertain. So we started to put walls up around the foundation. From there we came up with a design and put some interior walls to surround the stairs and utilities. Then the flooring. We had carpet down there before we had a pipe burst and did damage. After that we choose tile because it was durable and In the end we liked the look. Now that the main building pieces was built that’s when I start to create my ultimate man cave. We accomplished this by adding piece by piece along the way. I always kept a budget in mind when building it also.

On to the Bar. I started to look at place to order a bar from. I got sticker shocked. What they were asking for the bar I could do for half the price and make it bigger. So I began to look for ideas on the internet. Many ideas hit me but in the end I wanted it to be personable to me. I loved baseball all my life, well I love all sports but baseball is my favorite. As a kid I had a baseball card collection. So when I built my bar I wanted to incorporate a way to get them in the bar. With some research I came up with a couple options and went with a plaxiglass top to cover my cards spread out on display.

The bar area. After the bar was built I started to decorate around the bar area. I had baseball trophies from when I was a kid, so I made shelves to display them. I bought a Red Sox fridge to go with the bar. I made a bar back to hold my liquor, wine and glassware. I bought a corner shelving unit with small tv. So we could watch tv at the bar. I had an old dart board that is great fit for the bar.


The seating area. In the beginning we had a hand me down sectional that was in good shape. It was great because it added comfortable seating. I bought a 50in plasma tv. Which was at the time expensive. Not like the falling tv prices as today. Anyway that’s for another story. So behind part of the sectional I built a high bar and bought some stools to go there and that added some extra seating. It was a great look and feel for the bar. A few years later we got rid of the sectional. That’s when I changed it up and built a high top table instead. For a space saver idea I made it in the shape and size of my table top poker table I have. So when I entertain I leave it off when I have poker night I put it on. That high top table I made is a Patriots theme.

On to the design. I have a wall designated for Boston’s 4 major sports teams. Over the years I add memorabilia on the walls and still do when I find something cool and would be a good fit I’ll buy it.

My home theater. My home theater is my current project. I bought a projector and proijection screen. Built some custom cabinets to hide my utility box and a pipe. I have seating. The current project is the decor and accessories to finish the room. Stay tuned for pictures of that.


Your Quest For The Ultimate Man Cave

A man cave is a special part of the house dedicated to the man’s own passions. In your space you may want to spend time alone, kicking back to watch a movie with the family or looking to entertain your friends your ultimate man cave.  A man cave should be filled with the things you enjoy. It may be a space for sports or maybe hobbies.

When I created my man cave I did a ton of research online. Still do now that it’s become a passion for me. Well I created this site to take the searching part out for you. I wanted to make it a more enjoyable experience for you. The quest is to create a one stop shop for all your man cave needs. So as you navigate my website you will find posts for ideas and tips. You will also find cool products on here to help you along in your buying experience. On My Ultimate Man Cave the products showcased we do not own. Our goal is to provide you with products and information to build your ultimate man cave.

In my quest for the ultimate man cave I’ve learned a lot along the way. A lot of time and research have gone into building my man cave. Some research has been because I’ve run into problems along the way and wanted to fix them. I created this blog to pass on my knowledge of all the research I have done through the years. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to assist out.

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