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Home Theater SystemCreating a home theater can be fun and very exciting. Maybe you have a spare bedroom, basement, or attic that you would like to turn that space into your ultimate home theater. The idea is simple enough but before jumping into it. You must come up with a plan, or if not that, make sure you have a few ideas on how you want to pursue this dream.

You can turn this into an extravagant cinema or a basic home theater. The basic’s will be to have a high quality video experience, with a sound bar to give a good quality experience.  Now for the extravagant side you can remodel your basement with a projector and a kick butt surround sound that will have your friends and neighbors envious.

Let’s go over some of the steps you will need to giving you that movie theater experience.

Picking the Best Video Display

Now I don’t know about you but when I think home cinema’s, I think a projector and a very large screen for my best movie experience. In my mind it gives you a movie theater like experience. When building your home theater you will have to keep some things in mind. The Size of the room and the lighting. Lighting will play a part in your direction to go. Will it be TV or projector. A projector will work best in dark places. Maybe you build a man cave down in the basement with kick but cinema, or you have a room that you can pull the shades down and relax watching your favorite movie.

On the flip side. In today’s market, you can find large flat screen TV deals. With 4k TV’s at a reasonable price it kind of makes it hard to pass up. But it all comes down to your preference. I prefer the projector system because it gives me the cinema experience in my home


Projector Systems


 Projectors– Projectors range from many different prices. They don’t have to be these high end brands to get a good quality picture. Their are companies like JVC, Sony, Optoma, and Epson offer high-quality mid-level and entry-level projectors that are reasonably priced.

I went with a Epson projector. I think I spent somewhere around $500. I’m glad I went with it. Good HD picture quality. For outlets it has HDMI, Computer, Video/Audio, and Bluetooth capabilities.

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Projector screen

Projection Screens– For the Screen you have different sizes and options as well.  There are a wide range of screens. The most common screen and most likely screen you would want to pick is a 16:9 screen. That would be the best format to watch your movies on.

Here are a few options:

  • A Pull Down Screen- Is a screen where you manually pull up and down. The nice part about this screen is it hides away when not in use.
  • A Fixed Screen-  A fixed screen is well, quite how it sounds. Fixed screens don’t move. You mount it on the wall like you would with a TV. Some positives are you could decorate the frame. Make a stylish frame boarder around the surrounding sides of the screen.
  • A Motorized Screen- A motorized screen serves the same purpose of a manual pull down screen, The pros are that it goes up and down with a push of a button. The cons are it’s just one more thing to break.

Once you have your screen picked out, you will need to decide where you want it and how to display your screen.

I’ve had my Projection System for about 5 years now and it still runs and looks like it day from the first day I bought it. Let me tell you between me and my kids we get a lot of use from it. Money well spent.


TV Home Theater System

Over the years technology has grown. Year after year the newest and best picture quality is being invented. Starting out from tube TV’s to Flat screens. LCD TV to Plasma TV. I remember when 1080p was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now you are looking at ultra HD to 4K TV, which is like 4 times better then the resolution of 1080p. So what will be next.

With the picture quality getting better and the falling prices of Tv’s in today’s market. It is an excellent Choice to go with a Large flat screen TV in your home theater. You can get a decent 65 inch 4k flat screen TV for about $500. Not bad for the focal point of your home entertainment.

Home Theater Surround Sound System

Like I said earlier in this post that a projector system gives you a movie theater like experience. Well the sound plays a huge factor in doing the same. When you are in the movie theater watching the movie. Just think about it, The sound is all around you. The trick is to create that at home for your movie entertainment.

When choosing your surround sound system you are going to have multiple options. There are a few different levels that I’d like to talk about. Sound bar, 5.1, and 7.1 are a few we can take a look at.

  • Sound Bar – A sound bar gives off good                                                               quality sound that is much better then your regular tv sound. Your tv sound comes from the back and doesn’t give the sound you are looking for when playing movies. A sound bar would be a good start to give you a good sound to watch your movies. Some sound bar systems come with a sub-woofer.  Depending on the brand you can get really good sound that will be sufficient for your home movie theater.
  •  5.1 Surround Sound System – The 5.1 system is 5 speakers and a sub-woofer. you have three speakers in the front and 2 in the back. With the set is a right and left speaker in front with a center speaker. In the back is a right and left back speaker. The sub-woofer you can set up in the front or back. Try it out in either spot to see where you get that ground shaking sound from. I only recommend to have it in the open not buried behind something.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound System – The 7.1 system is the same as the 5.1 system, but it has two side speakers. One on each side of the room. Now you have speakers completely surrounding you. Hence surround sound. Dolby Atmos Surround Sound
  • Over Head Surround Sound – With over head speakers you get the sound exploding down on you. In my theater I added over head speakers and it gives off nice sound all around you. There is also the Dolby Atmos Concept. With Dolby Atmos it gives you the traditional 7.1 sound but the difference is with the front speakers are designed to reflect of the ceiling down to you where you are sitting giving you the complete surround sound experience. With the Dolby Atmos design it makes you feel like you are part of the action.


Home Theater Sources

Next step is to get your movie source up and running. Today there are a lot of sources to get movies. You can use a Blu-ray or Ultra HD player to play DVD’s. Video game services such as PS4 and Xbox One can also get the job done. The more sophisticated option is streaming movies. Streaming services have exploded on to the seen and look’s like it will be the wave of the future. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are just a few of many to choose from. I can’t knock any of them. I think they are all great. I have multiple services. Different streaming services have different libraries.

In my home theater I have multiple options set up. I have use my PS4 as I can use the dvd”s through that. Even then I don’t use that a lot to play dvd’s.  I have been turning my dvd’s over to digital. Vudu has a service where you can convert your dvd to digital. For as little as 2 dollars a piece I’m slowly converting my collection over.  Not all movies are available to convert over, but I’d have to say I was able to convert over 90% of my movies so far. From there you can link your streaming library to multiple services. Movies anywhere and Amazon Prime are my two main sources. I love it. It’s so convenient. In just a few clicks you are watching a movie without even leaving the couch.

Remote Control System for Home Theater

At this point you should have your picture, sound and movie source set up. Now you need your “head quarters” so to speak. A unit to control everything with a couple touches of a button. This I do not have yet. But for sure I will be in the market for one shortly. I have a Firestick that controls 80% off what I need, but It doesn’t control the other parts. I’m always looking around for my remote controllers. One is buried in the seat cushion, one is on the coffee table and the other is on top of your receiver. It is a pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT. So I will be in search of the main control station.

As I’m researching for the main control system, I will be sure to get back to you in the future on this subject. Stay tuned.

Home Theater Design

Wait your not done yet. Now it’s time to decorate your home movie theater. Believe it or not but this was my favorite part of building my home theater. Design will come from everyone’s own personal style. Well also let’s not forget about your budget and how much your willing to spend. You don’t have to do it all at once if you are on a budget.


Seating–  The first purchase will probably be seating. You don’t want to be sitting on floor to watch a movie. By the end of it you will be sore. That’s not fun! Maybe you purchase a few recliners, or a couch where all your family can sit and watch the movie. If you have a good size room, you could always have multi level seating. Just like the movie theaters do. It is something I tried to create and the beginning of my home theater build, but just did not have the space to make that happen. Maybe you do. I love the idea of it. Let me know how it turns out for you?


Lighting– Now that you can kick back and relax to a movie. Now it’s time to work on the lighting. Picture this, when you go to the movies it’s dark. Right? So, If you have a projector, like the movie theaters do. Then you definitely want it to be dark to get the best picture. But even so, you probably don’t want to sit in total darkness. May I suggest some rope lights. Hear me out. You can have crown molding around your ceiling and wedge the rope light in between the molding on the ceiling. You will not see the rope light but it will shed just enough light on the room and not be overpowering for your projector picture. Other suggestions are to have a wall light or two. have a dimmer on it to dim down the lights come movie time.

Paint- How about shedding some coloring on the subject. Here are a few tips on painting your home theater. Again you want it to be dark. So when choosing your paint color, you want to keep that in mind. Also stay away from the glossy paint. The paint will let of a let’s of a glare from the light and doesn’t mix well with the projector screen light. Stay with flat paint.

Movie Theater Decor- So your walls are painted and your ready to decorate. Adding some movie poster are an excellent choice. Just like walking down the hall in a movie theater. What are your favorite movies? Pick out a few poster favorite’s and put them around the walls of your theater. A couple more suggestions would be adding some curtains around your projector screen just like the theaters. What type of flooring do you have? You could add some movie theater carpet. If you have wood or tile flooring you may add an area rug. What about a couple of film end tables to top it off.


Movie Theater Accessories- On to the fun part adding some accessories. First on the list I would imagine a movie theater like popcorn maker. Not only does it look cool in the room, but it let’s off an amazing smell while cooking popcorn.



How  about a movie themed clock with your families name on it. Movie theater light sign, candy bar, movie theater throw blanket and some pillows, and the list goes on and on.

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In a Nutshell

You’ve come a long way in your journey of building the ultimate home theater. Now it’s completed, or is it. There are accessories to add here and there. Your movie list will row for sure. It’s with out a doubt technology will get better with time and you will be upgrading your equipment.

Long Story short is your home theater is an enjoyable never ending project that you and your family will enjoy for years.

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