Home Theater

home theater, a.k.a. home cinema, is a combination of audio and video components designed to recreate the experience of seeing movies in a theater. Hence buying a proctor screen or large TV to get the most out of that experience.

I remember as a kid those home movies typically consisted of a movie pre-recorded on a Laser Disc or VHS tape. First came the Laser Disc. I remember my grandfather buying those. It was funky to see these big movie disc’s that where about the size of a record when in the package.  Now I’m really dating this with Music Records. LOL! Shortly after that was VHS tape. Which was a little more affordable for home theater use. That stuck around for a few years before DVD’s came out. When DVD’d hit the market technology went through the roof. Picture quality and sound are just amazing.  Lastly we have streaming today. The use of having a Cinema in your house got way easier. Buy a couple streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and you can just sit back and relax and stream movies from your couch.

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Home Theater System

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