How Do You Design a Man Cave

When it comes down to designing your man cave, it’s all on preference. What I mean by that is your own style. Throughout this article I will give you ideas on how you might want to design your man cave. Maybe you are looking for an exotic look, modern look, or like most man caves are is a sports theme.

Exotic Man Cave Design

When creating your exotic man cave design, it’s important to have proper lighting. A lot of man caves are in basements. Basements can be dark as they don’t have many windows to get natural light in. I’ll get into that in a few minutes.

For exotic and expensive looking design, lets start with flooring. There are a few different ways you can let of an expensive look. Marble, stone, tile, and wood are a few to mention to give a good foundation to your man cave.

  • Marble Flooring – Can give off that expensive look. When doing this it can light up the room. Very flashy! It’s will feel like your walking into the Marble House in Newport, Connecticut. When having guest over it will definitely give of the wow factor for sure!
  • Stone – When going with a stone look for flooring in your man cave, it can be a cool and original look. not to many man caves will have it. Stone flooring will give you that look and feel of a real cave.
  • Tile – Tile is a more affordable option. It’s durable and cleans up nice. When having friends over and entertaining in your man cave that will be important feature, believe me. When it comes down to picking out tile for your man cave it comes down to your own personal style. There are many different options ans price range to go with to give you an exotic feel for your man cave. In my mind it is the perfect flooring to have in your man cave because of the reasons I just mentioned.
  • Wood Flooring – Wood flooring for your man cave is a nice look. You can get it in different colors. Again all comes down to preference. I’m a fan of the cherry look.

Let’s move on to how you want your walls to look.

Just going with the old drywall look for walls is plain and boring. At the very little add some wood trim to spruce it up. Adding two different colors would help.

When I think of exotic design I tend to think about layers off wood for your walls. What I mean about that is adding some structure to the look. For example a flat wall looks plain and boring. Now when adding some molding and wood colored baseboard you start to create a portrait.  Adding some wall post will give some definition to the look of the walls. The bottom line is it’s just the detail it would take to get that old time wood work that you just don’t see now a days. Not only that, it’s a look that will be in style 100 years from now. Just like it

Picture of the dining room in the Breakers Mansion in Newport Rhode Island

 was 100 years ago in the early 1800 when the Vanderbilt were building their mansions. The details that went into the wood work was amazing.


Let’s Start Thinking of Lighting Up The Mood

Now that you have your flooring and walls up, it’s time to think about your lighting. Like I said earlier in the post, lighting is important. You don’t want to entertain in the dark. Nobody will be able to see you, unless that’s what you are aiming for, but I enjoy light on the subject.

Adding light in certain ways can be fun. If you build a new room for your man cave and have vaulted ceilings, an elegant solution would be to hang a Chandelier from your ceilings. Maybe adding two or three to really give it that wow factor. depending on the size of the room of coarse. Then you can really be swinging from the chandelier’s!

Depending on where you have your man cave in your house will decide on your options on what you can or can not due. Back to the vaulted ceilings, You will be able to add multiple sky lights to your room to let in a ton of natural light.

Now if you do not have that option and your man cave is in your basement, like a lot of them are. You will still be able yo add lighting in a stylish way. You can hang crown molding and leave just enough of a gap to install string lighting around your walls to give some accent lighting to the room. A simple solution is reset lighting in your man cave, that way you can always dim the room when needed, lets say for movie night or shine some light when entertaining.

Lighting up your bar or pool table self explanatory. Here are a couple of pics to describe that.

With the technology today with home systems like Alexa that you can just talk to her and she can turn on light where you want. From home plugs to light bulbs, it’s become easy and reasonable to do.

I do not want to get off into a tangent on this subject, because there is a lot to talk about, but I will go into more detail in another post.

Onto The Bar, For a Martini!

Martini in a glassOnto the bar for a martini, shaken not stirred! Okay a little 007 humor there for you movie buffs. Building a home bar for a man is an exciting project but setting up your perfect bar design can be a daunting task. You can design your bar in many ways. L-shaped bar, U-shaped bar, or just your standard straight bar. All depends on the shape and size of your room. You have to choose the location of where you want your man cave. In your newly built room, basement, or making a bar outdoors. After picking your location everything falls into place. You can buy a bar or build it yourself.

Designing Your Bar

  • Picking the color of your wood (cherry, pine, maple)
  • Making a stone bar will add texture to your bar and give it an outdoors look.

Your Bar Top

  • There are many tile choices to go from. Pick your theme and go with it.
  • Going with a granite counter top for your bar will turn heads.


Lighting For Your Man Cave Bar

Lighting up the bar for your man cave is rather an easy task. It’s as simple as adding string lights underneath the bar top for some accent lighting to give off that extravagant look. Don’t believe me just look at it here.

Keg-Orator For Your Man Cave

Adding a keg-orator to your man cave bar is always a cool look and feel for you to show off to your buddies. Just pour them a cold one to give them the feel of being out at the bar, the only difference is it’s yours. There are other features you may like to add also. For example, what if you are a big Jagermeister fan? You can buy a Jagermeister tap machine and start handing out shots to your buddies. Even better you can make Jager Bombs by adding some Red Bull. Let’s not forget adding a couple mini fridges to the bottom of your man cave. One to hold your cold wines and the other to hold your cold brew.


Bar Stools For Man Cave

Matching your bar stools for your bar can take some time searching for. Believe it or not, this is a pretty important step in putting together your bar. You not only want your stools to match but you also want them to be comfortable. If you and your buddies are going to hang out at your bar for a couple of hours, you’re going to want to be comfortable. Bar stools are typically 43″ inches tall. May I suggest a tall back and cushion set for your comfort.

The Finishing Touches For Your Man Cave

For the finishing touches adding some decor to your man cave is the fun part. Knowing your man cave is just about complete. The thing is you are not going to add all your decor all at once. You can do a big chunk of it but along the ways you will receive gifts and will find perfect pieces for you  personality to add to your man cave.

Adding games to your man cave. Some of you will be a pool person guy. Some will want to have a poker night with his buddies. So adding a poker table will be the most logic choice. Some might want to shoot darts with his pals. Adding a dart board is inexpensive and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Some dart boards can be a decor choice and conversational piece. A air hockey table is always a fun choice, both young and old can play for hours. A Foosball table is another competitive and fun game to play with some buddies. You can go on and on, but their are a few examples that would be terrific choices that you can add to your man cave. For usability and style.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to creating a beautiful and elegant design. Just put your mind to it and do piece by piece and in a short time you would have created an your ultimate man cave.

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