Man Cave Bar Ideas

Ultimate Man Cave Bar Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Grab an ice cold beer from your kegerator. Wait! You don’t have one yet. Well you will. Start by just grabbing one from your fridge and lets go over some ideas to quench your thirst on your way to your dream man cave. In this article we will discuss small bars to grand basement bars that could sit all your friends and family.

Let’s just put it out there so everyone understands. A man cave is never complete without a bar. You need a bar so you and your buddies can have a regular spot to watch those Sunday football games. “A bar where everyone will know your name”.

We will go over multiple options for your bar to fit into your man cave space. It may be a space in your home basement, attic, spare room, garage or even build an addition on to your house.

Let’s waste no more time and dive right into building your bar.

Build Man Cave Bar

Building your bar. The bar will be the centerpiece of the man cave.  That’s a given.

But what else will you want?  Think about all the potential items on the wish list. Get everything down on paper, and then start planning out items based on your available space.

You may have some basic handyman skills where you can build your man cave bar yourself. In this article you will get basic diy bar design ideas.

Location of bar. You may have a spot to make a corner bar. You may be down in your basement where you have loli columns. Well we have ideas for that also, keep reading. Maybe a giant garage where you can entertain the entire neighbor hood with.

Build an ultra modern bar- Building a modern home bar can bring a stylish feel to your man cave. Here are a few ideas to building your modern bar.

Modern bar against wall

Building similar style to a small kitchen against a wall for a space saver idea. You can get stylish cabinets and a granite counter-top. Have some cabinets up above for some storage.  Add a wine fridge to be built into the bar. For a modern feel on a back-splash pick some stone tile.




Modern corner unit bar


A corner bar unit up against the wall. Install nice pine cabinets top and bottom for plenty of storage. A soft color look with the counter top and back splash. Wine fridge on the bottom to keep the white wine chilled and up above a wine rack to store the red wine. A few tiles to accent the bar area.



Modern bar
Here is a nice modern style U shaped bar. Lights hanging down with pictures to complete the backdrop. To the right you have some glass shelving to hold your glassware. Elegant but comfortable bar stools so your guest can gather and have a cold one.

Build a luxurious bar where your neighbors will be jealous- When creating your Luxury bar, create it in a large space. When you are in mansion’s you see they have high ceilings. There are so many ideas you can come up with high ceilings. When I think of luxury I think of art. Let my explain.  You look at high walls filled with woodworking that becomes an art. Just different layers and detail that comes into the moldings and pillars. The same goes when you look up at the ceiling. The detail is incredible. Back in the old days they would hire a talented painter to create ceiling or wall paintings. Now a days you can purchase wall murals. Things are a little different in today’s world. But with a little vision and hard work you can create your own luxurious man cave.

When Creating your luxury bar, you want to think the same way. Building it is a piece of art work and detail. Create some custom cabinets that go floor to ceiling, that scream’s grand. A pool table would go along perfect with the bar theme.

Adding Decor in Your Luxury Bar

If you want to add a stylish and luxurious looking bar room? You have to think rich style. From the window curtains to flooring. Again think detail in every piece that you add to your luxury man cave. Add some antique items to display in your home bar space. Look in pawn shops and garage sales. You may come across an vintage painting or antique clock that would be a terrific fit in your luxurious space. Maybe you will come across some collectibles. Depending on your hobbies that will fit into your luxurious theme. Maybe it could be coins, books, classic cars, etc.. Whatever it may be the possibilities are endless.


Build a comfortable and vintage bar-  How about build a vintage bar from the 50’s and 60’s. You can have old dinner stools and table. Put a vintage jute box to “play some old time rock and roll”. You can have some fun with it, for sure! Some paint colors with some stripes on the walls. Checkered tile flooring. You could hang your old records or guitars on the walls as a display. Maybe you will come across an antique phone booth or pictures that will go along with your theme. You could keep going with items that you can add on as you find them.

Build a Rustic Man Cave Bar- Rustic cabin look and feel for a man cave bar. Display some of your hunting trophies on the wall. Make a western theme just like in the wild wild west create an old salon. When I think of rustic bars, I think wood paneling. A cool idea would be, if you can come across some old wine barrels you could add them in for an original decor. An idea would be to add a sink on the wine barrel and mike it a center piece to your bar.

Build Man Cave Garage Bar-  Love all the diamond plate in this space. Seems perfect for the car or motorcycle enthusiast. Use the back of a Classic red corvette for the base of a garage bar. Then add the bar top on to hold your drinks. There are many options to the flooring. You can use a colorful epoxy that will make your garage bare sparkle. You can bring a lot of different looks when you add garage floor tiles gives. Easy designs that all depends on your style. Or if you are not going to put a car in there, you could always go with wood flooring. With a garage you will have high ceilings. You could add mirrors to the walls that are from floor to ceiling. That would make your space feel much larger. When entertaining you would open up the garage overhead doors to bring the outdoors in. Outside the door you could have a patio with outdoor kitchen and table to entertain.


Build a Garage Spa Bar – Depending what you are looking to do with your space. A great relaxing theme would to create garage spa bar.

Man Cave Bar Stools

Choosing a bar stool is easy. You have a lot of different styles and colors to pick from. Are you looking for them to be serviceable or looking for comfort. What I mean by that a serviceable stool would be if your just looking for a seat at the bar for the short term. If you plan on having people sit at the bar and entertain around the bar, you are going to be sitting there for awhile.  You’re going to want to buy comfortable bar stools. Depending on your color of the bar you will need to find bars stools to match. Style is another thing to look for. Do you want wood or steel?

Shop Here for More of a Selection

Man Cave Furniture

A man cave is a home within a home. As such, it must be well accessorized to become a livable space. Furniture such as a sofa and recliner are a must. Also consider putting in a fridge, microwave, drinks bar and bar stools.If you are a sports or movie lover, make space for a large screen TV. A pool table, poker table, or dart board are also great additions especially if you plan on having guests over often.Other accessories include sports memorabilia, wall art, and personally crafted items.Time to dig into the cool man cave ideas we have collected below and start planning for your own man cave.

Man Cave Bar Signs

Custom signs are a great way to add to your bar. “Your Name” Man Cave or “your name” Bar. How about a neon sign for your bar.


Man Cave Bar Table

Do you need a table for your man cave? Check out these high top tables that would be an excellent addition to your man cave bar.

Poker Tables For a Man Cave Bar

Are you and your buddies poker players? Check out some cool poker tables to host some serious porker games.

Fridge for Your Man Cave Bar

Kegerator for Your Man Cave Bar


Stay Tuned

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