Small Man Cave Ideas

In this article we will be talking about small man cave ideas. With just some of these ideas, we only hope to inspire you to create your own. So you have some spare space in your garage, basement, spare bedroom, or even attic. What do you do with it?

With your man cave project it doesn’t always need to be in a big space. There are no rules when you create a special kind of man cave. Small or large size room, expensive or on a budget, you have options. There’re endless possibilities when creating a man cave. Whether it may be a theater room so you can enjoy with the family or entertain in your man cave bar.

When dealing with small man caves your margin for error can be in play here. So it’s crucial to getting it done right on the first try. So do some research and make a plan first. You can have a professional build it for you or if you have some handyman skills it’s not difficult to do it yourself. Measure out the room size and decide where you will be placing your things. furniture, bar, tv, etc…

Let’s talk about your plan. Will it be a theater room for your family? Or will you create a space to just kick back and enjoy sports or a hobbies you may have. Maybe you want to a space for friends to be able to gather in a bar room and gaming area.

So now that you picked that out. Now how much will it cost you? Will you have a professional create the small space for you? That will have a lot to do with your budget though. It is definitely the more expensive route to go then doing it yourself. If you have some basic handyman skills it would be cost effective to do it yourself. The option is yours depending on your budget. Let’s talk about your budget.

Small Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

Small man cave ideas can be on a budget, doesn’t always have to be an expensive project. In this section I will go over different ways you can save.

As you get ideas on what you want your man cave space to be, you will be able to narrow down places to shop. You can shop discount stores. Seasonal type items may be marked down. You can shop hardware store for half price deals. Such as an end of the season fireplace unit to put in your theater, or game room. You can shop craft fairs. Craft fairs are a good spot to shop for hand made pieces that you will not find in stores. Such as glassware or cool ceramic pieces.

Never overlook a garage sale. You may find a gem that would fit perfectly in your man cave. Take a look around your local thrift store. You just might come across a specific novelty item that you must have.

Another great budget saver is to look around your house. Maybe you have something in your attic that would be a great piece to have in your man cave. It could be something that brings back some memories of your child hood. Or it could be an old piece of furniture you thought about trashing.  You can repaint it or transform it into something special and “Viola” there you go you have another piece for your man cave.

Small Theater Room Ideas

When Creating your theater room it doesn’t need to have a huge space with multiple rows of seating. You can make a nice cozy room where you can have movie night with the family. As you think of a design you will need to think of where you would like your projector screen to be and the distance of the projector. You will have to measure out the space from the screen to projector and make adjustments from there. We recommend to have the projector mount from your ceiling. If it’s down in your basement it is easy to hide wires in the drop ceiling. If not you will have to snake wires in the ceiling and walls. For a speaker choice you can simply go with a Bluetooth sound bar or get into a more powerful system and blow the neighbors away. But in most cases a sound bar and a sub-woofer is more than efficient in a small home cinema. As far as seating goes you can get a few recliners or couch will do the job just fine. If seating is really tight the kids can sit on a couple of bean bags in front of you and parents on the couch. There are plenty of options to go over, you just have to think a little out of the box. You can get creative with the decor. Maybe have curtains hang down on each side of the projector screen. When it comes to painting you probably would like to keep the room dark and no glossy paint. We will expand on that in another article. Hang a few movie poster’s and you are on your way to creating that spare room into a exciting home theater in no time.

Small Man Cave Bar Ideas

Now when you think of man cave bars you’re thinking a pool table needs to be with it. Well, you need some good square footage to be able to have a pool table in it. So lets just cross that of in this small man cave space. You can come up with some pretty cool ideas for your man cave bar. First and foremost you need the bar. You can have from the ultra modern and luxurious to the downright comfortable and vintage. You can build it yourself or find one in a store. Here are a few options.

Coming up with different options, if you pick the wet bar option you will need to hire a plumber. Add a mini fridge to keep your beer nice and cold. Maybe a kegerator one or two tap kegerators can be found for a reasonable price and do not take up a lot of space. The back of the bar can be as simple as a beer mirror, light sign, or a poster. For the back of the bar, a simple space saving idea is to add a shelf or two to hold some liquor or glassware. Adding a pub table for a night of poker with your buddies. You can make it a dart night. Adding a dart board does not require a lot of space. Depending on the size of your wallet, there are endless ideas for creating your man cave bar. There will be more on this topic in future articles.

DIY Small Man Cave Ideas

If you’re a handyman, you can think of creative ways to make your small space look larger, or tearing down a wall and making it larger. But if that’s not an option let’s talk about some cool small man cave ideas.

Here are some DIY projects to create in your man cave.


Save space by hang shelves on the wall

Old Pallet Bar


Create a bar out of some old pallets.


In a Nutshell

In conclusion there are multiple things you can do to create the ultimate man cave.

Doesn’t matter about…

  • Budget
  • The size of your space
  • Home cinema room
  • Bar room
  • Game Room
  • Wine Cellar
  • Goes on and on…

The ideas are endless for your Small man cave.

In a Nut Shell

It can be tough to build a small man cave, but no matter how big or small with some thought you can create some cool ideas you can create your ultimate man cave.

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