Top 10 Bare Essentials For Man Cave

In This article I’m going to go over the top 10 bare essentials for a man cave. The reason why I came up with this list of must have for a man cave is from my experience building them. If any of these ideas are missing, it just wouldn’t make it feel like a man cave. You see, you want it to feel like a man cave you can entertain in and not feel like a normal living room that you watch tv in everyday. The goal is to make it a special spot for the big game or maybe a spot to go hang with your buddies on poker night. Without any further due lets just jump into it.

Bar For Man Cave

Why a man cave isn’t complete without a bar in it. A bar for the man cave is a great to have friends gather around the bar and talk about the good old day’s.

Depending on the shape and size of the room will depend on how a big your bar will be. Of course you can get as big and extravagant as your hart desires. Vintage or Modern? All depends on the look and theme you want. Now if the size of the room is an issue,  the smallest I recommend would be 4 stools, But if space is really tight you could always just have a cabinet up against the wall and have a nice spot to mix up your drinks.

Now for your bar set up and accessories. You could hang a TV on the wall behind the bar for ideal viewing from sitting at the bar. Set the mood with lighting at your bar. One or two of neon signs will spruce up the look of your bar.

Build a shelf for your wine glasses and steins. Buy a wine rack to store your wine bottles. Put a beer fridge under the bar to keep your brew nice and cold for serving.

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TV For Man Cave

TV or TV’s in your man cave is a definite for sure. I would recommend 60 inch or bigger. Who wants to watch the game on a 32 or 40 inch. “GO BIG OR GO HOME”!!

On a serious note. Why I say bigger is better, because the TV will be the center piece of your Man Cave. You will want to be able to see it from the bar area and you will want to have nice comfortable plush seating to kick back and watch that big game.

A different option would be multiple tv’s to watch multiple games. That’s why I say have a TV behind the bar also. Living in New England we are spoiled with are sports teams being in the playoffs and we have multiple playoff games on from time to time. That’s when the multiple tv’s become nice to have in your man cave.

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Seating For Man Cave

Seating in your man cave is definitely a bare essential to have. Why is it you ask? Simple, to have a nice spot to kick back and relax as you entertain your guest, maybe you might be looking for some piece and quite and hide away in your man cave yourself. Whatever the reason may be it’s a good idea to make sure you have comfortable seating for your man cave.

Ultimate Man Cave Room

Fridge For Man Cave

Why you should have a fridge for your man cave. Say you have your man cave down in your basement. You are entertaining and have to keep running up to the kitchen fridge to grab another round. Well if your looking to get your steps in that would be good, but who wants to be running around to get your guest drinks all the time. That’s where a nice fridge for man cave will come handy. Like I said earlier in this post. You could have a mini fridge to house your beers. You could put in underneath your bar for easy storage or put it underneath a cabinet up against a wall. It sure beats running up and down those stairs to keep getting rounds of beer.

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Poker Table For Man Cave

Having a poker table for your man cave gives you and your buddies a reason  to get together every Friday night. With the popularity of poker being at a all time high. You are seeing them pop up in man caves all over. Adding a poker table to your room will give you a professional look and feel of a casino. If you bought a 10 foot table you can comfortably sit 8 of your friends at it. With the leather side rails and cup holders you and your buddies will be able to play comfortably for hours. Before you host a game make sure you pick up all your supplies. Chips, cards etc.. You find it all here.

Game Room For Man Cave

Adding a game room for your man cave can be a simple as adding a dart board, but there are so many things you can add to your man cave game room.



Here is a quick list of items that would be cool to have in your game room.

  • Dart Board- A dart board is an inexpensive way and good excuse for you and your friends to get together.  It’s a fun way to get a competitive game going among friends.
  • Shuffleboard –  Shuffleboard come in all different sizes. So it makes a nice piece to fit into your man cave.
  • Poker Table – Poker tables come in all shapes and sizes. Doesn’t matter the size of the room. You can find one that makes a perfect fit for your man cave.
  • Foosball Table – A Foosball table is a nice way to have a little team fun with you and the kids.
  •  Pool Table- A pool table is a traditional piece for your man cave. It will be a center piece in your man cave for many years.
  • Air Hockey Table – A air hockey table is an excellent game for your game room. It’s a fun game for any skill level. You can spend hours playing.
  • Ping Pong Table –  Ping pong has or table tennis has been around for centuries. It’s a great addition to your man cave or garage.
  • Beer Pong Table – Beer pong table’s are not just for frat houses. It’s a fun game to add for a game night with you and your buddies to hang out. Have a nice competitive game and a couple beers.


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Sports Memorabilia For Man Cave

This is for the sports fanatics. You can get deep into your favorite sports team and favorite players. Bring back your child hood and express it in your man cave. Maybe you are looking for a signed baseball or an autograph picture.

Decorate your man cave to the max. Check more out here.

Kegerator For Man Cave

A Kegerator is an excellent addition to a bar for your man cave. You don’t have to go to the bar to get tap beer anymore. You have it right at home. Sit back from a hard days work and pour yourself a cold one in your man cave.

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Surround Sound For Man Cave

Take it from me a surround sound system for your man cave is not just for watching movies. Believe me when you have 20 or 25 people in your man cave and your watching the Super Bowl you are going to want it. Just to have speakers surrounding your man cave, from the bar to your lounging area. Check out my review on one here.

Bathroom For Man Cave

Now you guys will know what I’m talking about. After you have a few beers and you break the seal. Forget about it. Trust me you will want to have a bathroom for your man cave. You will not want to be running up and down your stairs every time you have to go to the bathroom. Your guest will thank you.


Long story short these are the bare essentials for a man cave for a reason. These are the features that make a man cave. I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment if I missed anything and you think I should add to the list.

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